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Do you love Riding horses? If so then Sagitawa Trail Rides is the place for you. We run three camps throughout the summer varying in length. on these rides you will get to ride through the peace country and its amazing beauty. Now we also do other things besides just riding, we have games chapels and amazing food! Trail Rides is a great place to come and hangout with your friends and see the beauty of creation all around us and learn about God while your here. All in all camp is just a great place! Enjoy our site we hope you come to camp.

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A History of Trail Rides

The current home of Camp Sagitawa Trail Rides, the Alces River, does not have just one beginning point. In fact, its headwaters are formed by small pools of water that on their own would remain individual splashes of water interspersed throughout the vast forests and fields that dot the landscape to the north of the camp. But when the finger of God traces a path for these miniature trickles of water to merge, a small stream is formed. As more water drains from the countryside into the ever widening river basin, a river is formed along whose banks the camp is situated. By this point, the water that commenced with a few trickles is confined into a river valley over four hundred feet deep. It is impossible for this water to escape the banks that keep it set on its course. And, in reality, that is how the story of Camp Sagitawa Trail Rides finds its beginning… Not at one point or even one step. Rather, through many little steps – some seemingly unrelated – God has directed the course of this camp from its mountain beginnings to the its current home on the Alces River. In 1983, Joe and Mary Bell took their first group of young people to the mountains in the Sikanni/Trimble Lake area. For the next four years, groups of dedicated volunteers and adventurous youth continued to explore the wilderness north of Fort St. John. In 1988, the decision was made to move the camp to its current location along the Alces River. The use of this site as a home base from which daily trail rides can take place, has allowed for a rise in the number of campers that the camp can accommodate – an increase from ten per summer, to an average of about seventy-five per camping season. When the campers and staff converge on this special place nestled in a grove of towering spruce trees, God undertakes to accomplish His plans and purposes for each of those there – staff and camper alike. Contagious laughter, sweaty horses, campfire smoke and food that keeps us coming back for more are just a few of the pools of grace that God is using today to spread the good news that is available to all and the great joy to those who choose to believe. This year, 2017, we celebrate our 30th summer of trail ride camps on the Alces River, and we continue to thank our Faithful Father who directs our steps - past, present and Lord willing – many years into the future.

Ashley's Camp Story

The ten-day trail ride was coming to an end. There was only a short time left, and already campers were dreading leaving their new friends. In what had quickly become a camp tradition, we packed up some firewood, a guitar, plenty of blankets and a bucket of cookies, and set out for a hike up the hill. Most of the campers (and a few of the staff) were excited to leave camp after supper, and took the opportunity to race each other up the road. Though the evening hike was fun, we weren't just going for the exercise. Our end goal was a spot about halfway up where we would start a fire and set up chapel on the hillside. After chasing the stragglers up and getting the fire started, We were ready to begin. A few of the staff shared their testimonies, highlighting what God had been teaching them throughout the camp. It was encouraging hearing what God had been doing amongst the staff and challenging to others there as well. After the testimonies, the sound of many enthusiastic voices filled the hillside, accompanied by the melody of a guitar. Spending the whole camp learning the songs, the campers had all claimed their favourites and sang out with gusto. There was something about being out in God's creation, surrounded by so many people singing out together that was like water to my soul. I often think of that time when I imagine what heaven will be like. Once we had sung a few songs, a few more staff shared some things God had been teaching them that week; then we opened it up to campers. What a blessing to see kids who had come to camp angry, or closed off now taking a risk to share how camp had encouraged them and taught them so much. Hearing them share, I knew this was one of the main reasons why I kept coming back, year after year. As the sky grew dark and filled with stars, I was drawn to the Maker of it all. I don't think I was alone in that, as no one seemed eager to leave the fireside. Out on the hill, under a canopy of brilliant stars, the cares of the world seemed far away and insignificant. It was as if time stood still out there, and we were free to let our guard down as we joined together in sharing and song. Heading back to camp after the campfire, I reflected on what others had shared and the insights God had brought to my own mind. Camp would soon be over, but l would have much to think about and be encouraged by. I can only hope and pray that there were many who felt the same.


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